Soraya Moez Visram

Faculty Member

Soraya is a Senior Consultant and registered nurse at ARUP, in the Toronto Office. ARUP is a collective of more than 18,000 designers, advisors and experts working across 140 countries. Their work extends into the healthcare market, where Soraya is focused. As a Senior Consultant, Soraya supports the Digital team in the design, workflow, testing and commissioning of clinical applications and integrations for the healthcare space. Soraya brings an extensive health care background, with her work as a nurse, and specialty in labour and delivery, to her extensive background in Clinical informatics.

Prior to joining Arup, Soraya began her nursing career at the Family Birthing Centre at Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) (formerly Toronto East General Hospital) in 2007 after graduating from the Nursing Baccaluareate program at Toronto Metropolitan University, (formerly Ryerson University). Spending 15 + years at MGH, Soraya worked in a number of different areas including Clinical Informatics and Redevelopment.

In 2013, Soraya took on a system administration role, working in Clinical Informatics department as a Clinical Informatics Specialist, eventually transitioning to the Redevelopment Project in 2019, first as a clinical informatics specialist, then as a project manager for IT Redevelopment for the ICAT projects.

In 2021, Soraya was seconded to Operational Readiness as the Project Manager – Digital Transformation and Strategy Redevelopment. In this role, she provided significant support for Operational Readiness, including the Commissioning review process. This included Phase 2 milestones, user group meetings for workflow review or redesign, end user training materials and training plans, coordination with MGH partners for functional, integrated and commissioning testing, and leading the commissioning process for both occupied spaces, and newly – renovated spaces under the Phase completions. In this role, Soraya liaised with both hospital stakeholders, the Project Co team and consultants to ensure the workflow and designs meet or exceed the design documents, as well as required PSOS design for integration and interoperability use cases. Soraya has used her background in clinical IT to bridge the gap between clinical stakeholders and the various project teams, in both Infrastructure and Redevelopment, along with Hospital systems to better understand clinical workflows, EMR integrations, bedside medical device integrations (BMDI) and policies and procedures. This enhanced the workflow documentation that was the backbone of Commissioning testing, that laid the groundwork for clinical operations workflow which all technologies working to enhance clinical care.

Soraya graduated from the Master of Health Informatics program in June 2019. She is now a Sessional Lecturer for the MHI2006 Advanced Topics in Health Informatics (Strategic Frameworks for Solution Architecture) for both regular and executive streams. Soraya previously served as an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Toronto Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, and has served as a guest lecturer for graduate students in the Master of Health Informatics Program. Soraya holds multiple degrees in nursing, minors in psychology and a masters in health informatics, along with multiple certificates, including project management, perinatal bereavement and clinical informatics. She also underwent and successfully completed the requirements for Oracle Cerner’s Fundaments, Dynamic Documentation and Medical Record Request programs.


Advanced Topics in Health Informatics (Strategic Frameworks for Solution Architecture)

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