Senior Fellows

The Senior Fellows Program at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health (DLSPH) is a critical bridge between our health system and the next generation of leaders enrolled in our School. Based in the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation (IHPME), the Senior Fellows Program reflects the belief that the rich experience of Senior Fellows will enhance the academic offerings and experience of students across DLSPH.

Senior Fellows build on the long history of collaboration that our School enjoys with health care, knowledge translation and public health leaders as well as policy, advisory and advocacy organizations across the broader public sector.  

Senior Fellows are individuals who have had an exemplary record of experience in leadership roles or have been advisors to senior leaders. Most importantly, their careers have been characterized by impact and the ability to make important changes within organizations, communities or at the provincial, pan-Canadian, or global level. They bring a wealth of experience to complement the learning of students and are committed to advancing the careers of emerging leaders at our School. They are keen to volunteer their time to this role and typically will spend 6 to 10 days per year directly engaged contributing to the life and evolution of our School. Visit our Senior Fellows Directory to see the various leaders involved in this program.

Contributions from Senior Fellows at DLSPH may include:

  • Senior Fellows are available to provide students with advice as they consider careers options and pathways. They are also available to provide mentorship to students over longer periods of time.
  • Senior Fellows participate in courses to provide perspectives based on their extensive experience or observations as health care leaders. They are often asked to connect theory with practice enrich the learning experience of students.
  • Senior Fellows contribute to the ongoing development of DLSPH by providing advice to faculty over a range of topics including the implications of an evolving health system on course content, thesis reviews, research foci and feedback on student performance. They also attend events sponsored by DLSPH, assist when requested with fundraising in support of DLSPH and serve as external “ambassadors.”   

How to become a Senior Fellow at DLSPH:

  • Anyone interested in becoming a Senior Fellow may apply or may be nominated by one of the current Senior Fellows.  All applicants must be nominated by one DLSPH full time faculty member. 
  • Nominations should include a description of their proposed contributions to the DLSPH. 
  • Nominations are reviewed by the Academic Appointments and Promotions Committee and approved by the Dean of DLSPH.  

Senior Fellows will be appointed for an initial 3-year term and may be reappointed for subsequent 5-year terms as Adjunct Professors at U of T.  Consideration for reappointment will include a review of performance within the DLSPH.  

Those interested in becoming a Senior Fellow should send their expressions of interest to

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Academic Appointments Assistant

Precious Canlas
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Coordinates faculty appointments (status and adjunct) and onboarding of visiting professors, sessional lecturers, teaching assistants and postdoctoral fellows.