Audrey Laporte

MA (University of Guelph)
PhD (University of Guelph)

Professional Interests

Professor Audrey Laporte’s research focusses in general on the development of micro-economic theory and the application of micro-econometric methods to address questions of policy interest to health and health care.   More specifically her work has centred on a set of themes: modelling of individual health capital accumulation and addictive behaviours; health human resource modelling, e.g. nurse, physician and personal support labour markets; and modelling the impact of policy changes on the performance of health care organizations, e.g. institutional long-term care, hospitals.  Her more recent work in collaboration with her students has focused on the impact of health conditions and socio-economic circumstance in early life on later life outcomes.  Professor Laporte is President-Elect of the International Health Economics Association and Director of the Canadian Centre for Health Economics.  She is an incoming Associate Editor of Health Economics, International co-Editor of International Journal for Reviews in Empirical Economics and incoming co-Editor of Healthcare Papers.

Other Affiliations

  • Director, Canadian Centre for Health Economics
  • President-Elect International Health Economics Association
  • Cross-Appointment, Department of Economics, University of Toronto
  • Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Hospinnomics, Paris, France
  • Board Member, American Health Econometrics Workshop
  • Adjunct Senior Scientist, Institute of Clinical Evaluative Sciences

Research Interests

Economics, Micro-Economic Theory and Health, Health Econometrics, Health Services Research

Select Publications (*student papers)

Silver, M.P., Dass, A.R., Laporte, A. “The effect of post-retirement employment on health”, forthcoming Journal of the Economics of Ageing

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Select Book Chapters

Laporte, A., Ferguson, B. (2020) “Models of Health and Addiction” in Oxford Encyclopedia of Health Economics, editor: Andrew M. Jones, Publisher: Oxford University Press.

Laporte, A. (2020) “The Grossman Model” in Encyclopedia of Gerontology and Population Aging, editors: Danan Gu and Matthew E. Dupre, Publisher: Springer.

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Laporte, A. (2014) Chapter 4: Social Capital: An Economic Perspective in The Economics of Social Capital and Health A Conceptual and Empirical Roadmap, eds. Sherman Folland and Lorenzo Rocco, World Scientific Series.

In Preparation (*student papers)

Laporte, A., Rohit-Dass, A., Ferguson, B., “Some Implications of Dynamic Mis-specification for the Arellano-Bond Estimator”.

Laporte, A., Ferguson, B. “Making the Grossman Model Stochastic: Investment in Health as a Stochastic Control Problem”.

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