IHPME Celebrates Leadership and Academic Excellence with the 2022 Cathy Fooks and Malcolm Moffat Awards

December 20, 2022

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Photos of Yasmin Sheikhan, Razia Rashed, Mohammad Shabani, and Aunima Bhuiya in award announcement for 2022 Cathy Fooks and Malcolm Moffat awards

This year, IHPME is recognizing outstanding research, leadership, and academic excellence through two new awards – the Cathy Fooks and Malcolm Moffat Awards. These awards recognize the achievements of our IHPME community, honouring their hard work and dedication to improving healthcare management, leadership, delivery, outcomes, and evaluation across the health system.

Congratulations to the following award winners:

  • 2022 Cathy Fooks Monetary Award: Yasmin Sheikhan
  • 2022 Cathy Fooks Non-Monetary Award for Engaged Community Members: Razia Rashed and Mohammad Shabani
  • 2022 Malcolm Moffat Health Care System Mentorship Award: Aunima Bhuiya

2022 Cathy Fooks Awards

This year’s Cathy Fooks Monetary Award recipient is Yasmin Sheikhan, a PhD student in IHPME’s Health Services Research program. Sheikhan is developing a reporting guideline with the aim of setting standards for patient engagement in mental health research.

Established in 2022, the Cathy Fook Award for Research and Leadership Excellence in Patient and Caregiver Engagement recognizes students who demonstrate the ideals of Cathy Fooks, a distinguished public health leader who served in executive and senior positions in leading Canadian healthcare institutions. Recipients of the award demonstrate Cathy’s unparalleled passion for and immense contribution to patient and caregiver engagement, integrated care, mentorship and leadership, capacity-building and knowledge translation, and the importance of innovation and quality improvement for health system impact.

A non-monetary annual award also recognizes an engaged community member who demonstrates the principles that Cathy characterized throughout her career: empathy and caring, mentorship, capacity-building, empowerment, innovation, and an authentic focus on the range of patient and caregiver engagement opportunities – at the bedside, in the community, at policy tables – to support integrated care experiences.

Razia Rashed and Mohammad Shabani, two patient, caregiver, and community advisors with East Toronto Health Partners (ETHP), the Ontario Health Team, are this year’s recipients of the non-monetary 2022 Cathy Fooks Award for Research and Leadership Excellence in Patient and Caregiver Engagement. Rashed and Shabani are recognized as dedicated and passionate leaders in ETHP, advocating for improvements in access to health, community, and social services.

The award is typically given to one community member, however, the IHPME Awards Selection Committee felt that both recipients were very deserving. As an exception to this year, both Rashed and Shabani have received the award.

2022 Malcolm Moffat Health Care System Mentorship Award

Aunima Bhuiya, a PhD student in the Health Services Research program, is this year’s recipient of the 2022 Malcolm Moffat Health Care System Mentorship Award.

The 2022 Malcolm Moffat Health Care System Mentorship Award recognizes individuals who demonstrate academic excellence, as well as a dedication to building mentor-mentee relationships, and cultivating their network relationships in order to make lasting improvements to the health care system.

Malcolm Moffat earned his Master of Health Science in Health Administration (MHSc) from IHPME. Throughout his career, Mr. Moffat has provided more than 50 students with practicum placements, and was passionate about improving the continuum of care, and developing a system of health care. During his time attending private school, Malcolm Moffat received scholarships, without which, he would not have been able to attend. This informed his passion for aiding those facing financial barriers to education.

Congratulations to this year’s winners of the Cathy Fooks and Malcolm Moffat awards. An in-person award ceremony is planned for Spring 2023 to recognize all recipients of this year’s IHPME Awards.

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