Biostatistics III: Advanced Biostatistical Techniques for Observational Studies


HAD5301H: Introduction to Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research, or equivalent
HAD5307H: Introduction to Applied Biostatistics, or equivalent
HAD5316H: Biostatistics II: Advanced Techniques in Applied Regression Methods, or equivalentRecommended prior courses:
HAD5309H: Observational Studies: Theory, Design and Methods


At the end of the course, the student will be able to understand and apply more advanced biostatistical techniques in the setting of complex observational studies. The student will be able to design and develop a statistical analysis plan, to carry out basic analysis using the statistical package SAS, to verify the findings and to interpret and report the results in a manner that is meaningful to clinicians and applied health scientists. The course will be given from an applied point of view; more theoretical understanding will be touched upon, but only to the extent of useful in applications and for understanding the models. This course will cover 3 advanced topics:
BLOCK I. Complex Survival Models: Aim is to understand and analyse multivariate survival data when

  • subjects transit between multiple states; including time-dependent covariates
  • recurrent episodes of disease
  • time-to-failure of two “linked subjects” (e.g. kidneys, hips, twins)
    BLOCK II. Longitudinal Models and Multi Level Models: Aim is to understand and analyse linear and generalized linear models in the presence of
  • longitudinal and repeated measurements
  • hierarchical structured, nested or clustered data
    BLOCK III. Prediction Models: Aim is to design a prediction model in the setting of binomial outcome and survival data. The process includes
  • building a model for prediction purpose
  • applying validation tools
  • developing a user friendly tool /calculator to be used by clinicians in a day-to-day practice


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Kuan Liu


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