There are several awards available in our community. Please review the list below for more information.

Graduating students under 2022 balloon banner

Louise Lemieux-Charles Health System Leadership Award (presented at Moonshot)

Award Value: $1,000

Deadline to IHPME: September/October

  • Faculty

Peggy Leatt Knowledge & Impact Award (presented at Moonshot)

Award Value: $1,000

Deadline to IHPME: N/A

  • Faculty
  • Other

Eugenie Stuart Faculty Awards

Award Value: $500 per award

Deadline to IHPME: November/December

  • Faculty

John Charles Polanyi Prizes

Award Value: $20,000

Deadline to IHPME: November 20, 2023

  • Domestic
  • International
  • Faculty
  • Post-Doc

JJ Berry Faculty Supervision Award / combined IHPME and PHS

Award Value: Each Award recipient will receive an SGS Supervision Award certificate, an SGS Travel or Conference Grant (up to $5000) for a current student to support their research travel or conference presentation

Deadline to IHPME: February

  • Faculty

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