IHPME’s Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research (CEHCR) program is designed to train clinician scientists.

The program’s innovative curriculum provides in-depth learning opportunities in measurement sciences, observational research, and clinical trials. Students will learn how to address research health questions using appropriate methodologies, and will be prepared to lead high-calibre research relevant to clinical practice.

The most common goal among students enrolling is to help prepare themselves for a career as a clinician scientist in an academic healthcare setting. Most applicants have 2-7 years of clinical experience and are preparing for an academic position.

Entry Term: Summer

Accepting Applications: Sept 23, 2023

CEHCR Application Deadline: November 15, 2023

Study Options: Full-Time

Time Commitment: 4 years. Applicants are expected to have a minimum of 3 of 5 / 5 of 7 days per week of protected time in both thesis and non-thesis program options. This should cover course attendance and prep/assignment completion. We ask employers/supervisors to provide written confirmation of this protected time.

Supervisor: It is often helpful for applicants to discuss potential projects with an expert in their area of research, as this will help propose a worthwhile study in the application. If applicants are able to make contact with a potential supervisor, this would strengthen the application.  Review Faculty Profiles and Research and Initiatives to find potential supervisors that align with your research interests. 

Fees and Funding: Students must provide proof of funding and protected time upon acceptance of offer.

Curriculum Highlights

The CEHCR PhD exposes students to the full breadth of the discipline of clinical epidemiology. The curriculum is designed to provide students with the research skills necessary to:

  • Advance methods for critically appraising the literature and develop new techniques for teaching evidence-based medicine
  • Lead knowledge translation practice and research
  • Teach the principles of clinical and healthcare research to graduate students in research training programs
  • Lead research projects that contribute to improvements in Canadians’ health and changes in practice and policy
  • Serve as methodological experts in assisting others to design and conduct clinical and health services research.

Clinical Investigator Program 

The University of Toronto’s Clinical Investigator Program (CIP) provides an exciting opportunity for residents to pursue graduate or postdoctoral level training within a Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada accredited program. The CIP provides an innovative curriculum, mentorship and the opportunity to pursue a diverse array of cutting-edge research.

Students must be enrolled in Residency and MSc or PhD programs to qualify. This is a potential source of funding for our students.

Finance Your Degree

At IHPME, we offer a variety of financial supports to help you succeed in our graduate programs.

Connect with Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research (CEHCR)

CEHCR Program Director

Sindhu Johnson
Phone Number: 416-603-6417
Email Address: sindhu.johnson@​uhn.ca

Oversees management of the CEHCR program.

CEHCR Associate Director

Nick Daneman
Email Address: nick.daneman@​sunnybrook.ca

Co-leads the management of the Clinical Epidemiology and Healthcare Research (CEHCR) program.

Graduate Administrator

Zoe Downie-Ross
Phone Number: (416) 946-3486
Email Address: ihpme.grad.admin@​utoronto.ca

Coordinates student records, graduate funding, and student-related awards.

Graduate Admissions

Christina Lopez
Email Address: ihpme.admissions@​utoronto.ca

Manages admissions and responds to all related inquiries.

Graduate Assistant

Nadia Ismail
Phone Number: (416) 946-4100
Email Address: ihpme.grad.assist@​utoronto.ca

Coordinates various graduate initiatives including defences, student events, and graduation.

Program Assistant – CEHCR

Aileen O’Dowd
Email Address: clinepi.courses@​utoronto.ca

Manages the CEHCR courses including course enrolment, grades, and access to Quercus. For admissions inquiries contact ihpme.admissions@utoronto.ca.

Graduate Placements

Christina Lopez
Phone Number: (416) 978-1108
Email Address: ihpme.placements@​utoronto.ca

Coordinates details involving student placement and experiential learning