Degree Requirements

Thesis Requirements:

The purpose of the thesis is to undertake an original theory-driven investigation characterized by rigorous methodology and capable of making a significant contribution to knowledge about the subject under study. The thesis supervisor must have a graduate appointment at IHPME (see full Requirements to be a Supervisor).

The thesis process includes:

  1. Preparation and oral defence of a thesis proposal
  2. Preparation of the written thesis
  3. Presentation and oral defence of the thesis

Program Requirements:

Students meet annually with their supervisor and the PhD Program Director to review their progress and to plan coursework and other activities for the following year.

Candidacy Requirements:

Students achieve candidacy when they have completed all coursework, including HAD5311.

All PhD students must achieve candidacy by the end of the third year of registration (MSc-PhD transfer and PhD direct entry students must achieve candidacy by the end of the fourth year of registration).

Students can designate themselves as a PhD candidate (PhD(c)) only after achieving candidacy. The student’s date of registration is the beginning of the first term in which the student attended classes. For most students, this is the summer term. Accordingly, the deadline to achieve candidacy is April 30 (the end of the winter term) of the third year of registration.


Students must take the Comprehensive Course (HAD5311H).

Course Requirements:

  • The PhD program consists of a minimum of 10 half-year courses (5.0 FCEs) 
  • Course exemptions will only be offered to those students who have successfully completed graduate-level courses at accredited universities, and if no degree was awarded for completion of those courses.

The Research Internship Course, HAD6360H, see elective options below, is intended to provide students in Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research with practical experience in an approved Clinical Research environment under the close supervision of a senior Clinical Epidemiologist.  PhD students may take one Research Internship for credit (a second internship can only be taken with permission of the CEHCR Program Director).

Required (2.0 FCE):


Introduction to Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research


Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research Comprehensive Course


Biostatistics II: Advanced Techniques in Applied Regression Methods

Students must pick 6 courses (3.0 FCE) from the following lists:


Introduction to Health Services Research Methods and the Use of Health Administrative Data


Evidence Synthesis: Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis


Decision Modelling for Clinical Policy and Economic Evaluation


Advanced Design and Analysis Issues in Clinical Trials


Applied Bayesian Methods in Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research


Biostatistics III: Advanced Biostatistical Techniques for Observational Studies

Plus other IHPME courses or extra departmental courses as approved by the Program Director and Graduate Coordinator.

Finance Your Degree

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Connect with Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research (CEHCR)

CEHCR Program Director

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Oversees management of the CEHCR program.

CEHCR Associate Director

Nick Daneman
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Co-leads the management of the Clinical Epidemiology and Healthcare Research (CEHCR) program.

Graduate Administrator

Zoe Downie-Ross
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Coordinates student records, graduate funding, and student-related awards.

Graduate Admissions

Christina Lopez
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Manages admissions and responds to all related inquiries.

Graduate Assistant

Nadia Ismail
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Coordinates various graduate initiatives including defences, student events, and graduation.

Program Assistant – CEHCR

Aileen O’Dowd
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Manages the CEHCR courses including course enrolment, grades, and access to Quercus. For admissions inquiries contact

Graduate Placements

Christina Lopez
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Coordinates details involving student placement and experiential learning