Academic promotions and appointments for IHPME faculty.

Faculty appointments in IHPME are Adjunct, Status, Cross-Appointed or Visiting Faculty. Faculty involved with IHPME educational programs will also need a School of Graduate Studies appointment — Full, Associate or Restricted. 

Faculty Appointments

Adjunct, Status, Cross-Appointed and Visiting Faculty Appointments

Four types of academic appointments are available via the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation for individuals demonstrating merit and the potential to positively impact the healthcare ecosystem. IHPME seeks faculty committed to building the next generation of healthcare and health system leaders. Applications are accepted anytime.


Policy on Appointments of non-FTE Faculty Members
Types of IHPME Academic Appointments
Application Process for Status, Adjunct, Cross-Appointed and Visiting Faculty
Renewal Process for Status, Adjunct, Cross-Appointed and Visiting Faculty
Application Submission Information
Senior Fellows


Promotions within University of Toronto acknowledge notable contributions and excellence in academia. This manual provides information on steps involved.

Manuals for Faculty Promotion