System Leadership and Innovation

Training Physician Leaders

Program Director:  Abi Sriharan

IHPME now offers a new MSc concentration in System Leadership and Innovation (SLI). This new concentration was developed in cooperation with Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) and Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) in the Faculty of Medicine and offers leadership education through course work and practicums to UME students and PGME trainees at the University of Toronto.

The SLI concentration allows students to obtain a non-thesis MSc with a focus on the key aspects of physician leadership for system innovation including leadership and motivation, strategic thinking and planning, research methods for evaluating health system innovation and policy analysis and techniques for system change. The MSc SLI concentration is offered in two scheduling formats. The full-time format will allow PGME trainees to complete the MSc degree in one year to 4 sessions. The part-time format will allow UME medical students to complete the MSc degree while they are medical students without having to step away from their UME education and will allow PGME trainees to complete the MSc degree without taking a break from their clinical training program.

The program requirements include a series of core courses that are taught by IHPME faculty who are recognized national and international leaders, who will provide important insights into leadership from a range of perspectives and who have expertise in the range of skills relevant to leadership and innovation. The program also builds on a strong history of supervised practicum experiences in IHPME. These core practicum experiences draw on the rich array of leadership and innovation settings available through our academic and institutional partners and provide learning and research opportunities supervised by our faculty. The program also offers the opportunity for students to gain experience in specific areas of leadership and innovation through elective courses in IHPME and other University of Toronto programs.

The MSc SLI concentration will provide students with both conceptual understanding and methodological competence that will enable them to deal with complex issues and judgements. They will have tools and techniques that will allow them to interpret and apply knowledge they have learned and to critically assess and to conduct research on the impact of innovation and change. On completion of the MSc, they will be in a position to add to the knowledge and scholarship in leadership by conducting research and developing and applying new concepts and techniques in system leadership and innovation.

Curriculum:  Theory, Practice and Research

The curriculum for the MSc SLI concentration provides a solid foundation in system leadership and innovation theory, practice and research methods. Students will explore the foundations of leadership and system innovation and develop the necessary skills to lead change and to create evidence on where change is most needed, how innovation can be developed and implemented and how to systematically assess the impact of change on all aspects of the health system. The curriculum provides both course work and supervised practicum experiences in real-world health settings. Students will be able to develop core skills that are applicable in a range of situations and to specializes and focus their training on specific aspects and areas of our health care system. The core curriculum focuses on the following areas:

  • Leadership, motivation and partnering
  • Strategic vision and planning for health system change
  • Research methods for evaluating health system innovation
  • Leading and responding to health policy and system change

An Invitation to Future Physician Leaders

The MSc concentration in System Leadership and Innovation is designed for high performers who wish to develop their leadership skills and who want to be at the forefront of health system innovation and change in the future. We are looking for:

  • UME students who have started at the University of Toronto who have had an interest in leadership and who want to continue to develop those skills
  • PGME trainees who see that leadership and innovation are important aspects of their future careers