This at a glance guide will help you navigate what to expect in the MSc HSLI program. See timetables for more precise schedule information, and course descriptions especially for elective prerequisites, ensuring you fulfill the requirements.

Year 1

  • Program starts in summer (first week of May)
  • Students should ensure to enroll in their courses on Acorn

Attend HAD2007H

Plan capstone project for HAD2040Y (official course enrollment starts in Fall)

Consider elective HAD2004H (Extended course Summer/ Fall/ Winter)

Attend HAD2001H

Enroll in HAD2040Y (continuous self learning capstone project course)

Continue HAD2004H elective (Extended course Summer/ Fall/ Winter) if enrolled in summer.

Attend HAD2012H

Continue HAD2040Y

Consider electives HAD2008H, HAD2005H, and/or HAD2011H and continue HAD2004H (Extended course Summer/ Fall/ Winter) if enrolled in summer.

Year 2

Attend HAD2013H

Complete HAD2040Y capstone project.

Consider electives HAD2003H and HAD2002H. Please review prerequisites for both electives.

Enroll in HAD2030H and submit final manuscript.

Take any remaining electives.

Finance Your Degree

At IHPME, we offer a variety of financial supports to help you succeed in our graduate programs.

Connect with Health Systems Leadership and Innovation (HSLI)

HSLI Program Director

Savithiri Ratnapalan
Email Address: ihpme.hsli.prog.dir@​

Oversees management of the HSLI Program

Graduate Administrator

Zoe Downie-Ross
Phone Number: (416) 946-3486
Email Address: ihpme.grad.admin@​

Coordinates student records, graduate funding, and student-related awards.

Graduate Admissions

Christina Lopez
Email Address: ihpme.admissions@​

Manages admissions and responds to all related inquiries.

Graduate Assistant

Nadia Ismail
Phone Number: (416) 946-4100
Email Address: ihpme.grad.assist@​

Coordinates various graduate initiatives including defences, student events, and graduation.

HSLI Program Assistant

Devrim Sen
Phone Number: 416-946-8542
Email Address:​

Manages the HSLI courses including enrolment, grades, and access to Quercus

Graduate Placements

Christina Lopez
Phone Number: (416) 978-1108
Email Address: ihpme.placements@​

Coordinates details involving student placement and experiential learning