Degree Requirements

Courses + Capstone Project: Comprising 5.0 Full Course Equivalents (FCE)

The curriculum provides both coursework and supervised capstone experiences in real-world health settings. The core curriculum focuses on systems leadership, health sector strategy, healthcare complexity, and health systems innovation. In the capstone project, students will explore the foundations of leadership and design innovation and develop the necessary skills to lead change and create evidence on where change is most needed, how innovation can be developed and implemented and how to systematically assess the impact of change on all aspects of the health system.

Course Requirements:

Students must complete 2.5 FCEs as follows:


Strategic Vision and Planning for Health System Change


Leading and Innovating in Canada’s Digital Health Ecosystem

Students must complete (1.0 FCE) as follows:

Students must take 3 courses (1.5 FCE) of approved elective courses. Students may elect to take up to 0.5 FCE outside of the approved elective course list.

Learning Health Systems (need to take this as a sequence)


Learning Health Systems Part 2: Implementation and Evaluation of System Innovations


Learning Health Systems Part 1: Identifying Opportunities for System Change and Designing Sound Innovations



Challenges and Opportunities in Physician Leadership Development and Competency

Quality Improvement (need to take this as a sequence)


Self Learning/ Research



Transforming Healthcare Organization with AI and Technology Innovation

In addition

Students may enrol in elective courses offered through IHPME, or other departments (DLSPH, Rotman) within the University. Students should refer to the pre-approved elective list on SharePoint. If a course is not listed there, seek approval from the HSLI Program director.

If approved, contact the course instructor and request permission to enrol in the course. If given permission, complete an Add/Drop form, with student and instructor signature, and submit to the HSLI Program Assistant.

Note: for Rotman courses submit your Add/Drop form without seeking instructor approval.

Finance Your Degree

At IHPME, we offer a variety of financial supports to help you succeed in our graduate programs.

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