Field Practicum


HAD5010H – Canada’s Health System and Health Policy – Part 1 AND
HAD5020H – Canada’s Health System and Health Policy – Part 2 AND
HAD5711H – Theory and Practice of Strategic Planning and Management in Health Services Organizations AND
HAD5713H – Introduction to Health Information Systems AND
HAD5721H – Strategic Management of Quality and Organizational Behaviour in Health Services Organizations AND
HAD5723H – Health Services Accounting AND
HAD5724H – Quantitative Methods for Health Services Management and Policy AND
HAD5761H – Decision Support Systems in Health Care


The overall objective of the practicum is to broaden the student’s appreciation for and skills in managing health services organizations by allowing students to evaluate, test and further develop their managerial/policy competencies in a practical setting. Practicum placements are specifically tailored to individual student needs given their past work experience and their specific learning and career objectives. While the student is expected to synthesize and apply the academic knowledge gained in the first two blocks of the Program, the focus of the practicum is on what the student identifies as his/her learning needs. The fieldwork is seen as incremental and developmental, being adaptable to the individual student’s needs, and building on their work experience.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify their own learning needs and design a learning contract that will address those needs.

  • Complete the activities outlined in the learning contract, as negotiated with their preceptor and faculty advisor.

  • Optimize their learning opportunities by regular reflection, both through their learning journal and their discussions with their preceptor and faculty advisor.

  • Evaluate their professional strengths and development needs for successful career progression through self-reflection.

  • Organize and develop a business plan for a healthcare organization.

  • Understand the key components of successful career planning in a healthcare environment.

  • Further enhance their organization and delivery of oral presentations.

Practicum Director

Karen Born

Karen Born

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Accepting Students

Program Director – Health Administration (MHSc)


Preceptor and Practicum Director Sign-off
Individual: preceptor graded
Individual: preceptor graded
Individual: Practicum Director review