Noah Michael Ivers

Faculty Member

Professional Interest

I am interested in systematically developing and evaluating initiatives that improve quality in primary care. I work with a broad, interdisciplinary team to design health services interventions and use principles from clinical epidemiology and health services research to conduct pragmatic evaluations of complex interventions. In general, I believe that the way we manage and organize clinics and health systems should be informed by evidence as robust as the kinds we use to determine if drugs are effective


Research I led regarding the use of performance feedback data to providers to drive quality has led to advisory roles to health system decision makers conducting large scale audit and feedback initiatives in Ontario.

In developing and evaluating complex interventions that aim to proactively utilize existing data to drive health behaviour change, I work with a range of clinical experts and a broad multidisciplinary team including human factors experts, designers, psychologists, biostatisticians.

Daphne To

Daphne To

PhD Graduate Student

Thesis: Development of a behaviour change intervention for community pharmacists

Supervisors: Noah Michael Ivers, Mina Tadrous