Quynh Pham

PhD (IHPME, University of Toronto)
MSc (Barts, Queen Mary University of London)
BSc (OHRI, University of Ottawa)

Research Interests

Health Services Research, Health Informatics, Research Methods, Outcomes and Evaluation, Clinical Trials, Big Data, Population Health

Professional Interests

culturally competent digital health, chronic disease management, digital health outcomes and evaluation, innovation analytics, virtual models of care, effective engagement and behaviour change, agile and optimization trial methodology


I am committed to advancing a culturally competent digital health research agenda that champions the use of technology to support ethnic minority communities to realise equitable health outcomes.

As a digital health services researcher, I conduct collaborative research across the continuum of digital health innovation, from ideation through to impact. My program of research is powered by the use of big data analytics to (1) optimize traditional methods of evidence generation, (2) derive patterns of effective engagement with technology that produce positive outcomes, and (3) create digital health products and services that provide measurable and sustained value. My clinical interests lie in the digitally-mediated management of chronic conditions, particularly asthma, mental health, and cancer survivorship. I lead an all-star research team to design, develop, evaluate, and implement evidence-based innovations that aim to bridge the digital divide in Canada and reflect the transcultural health and social needs of all Canadians.