Degree Requirements – MSc SLI

The MSc in System Leadership and Innovation is a coursework-only program.

The degree requirement is the completion of 5.0 full-course equivalents (FCEs) as follows:

1) 2.0 required FCEs:
– 0.5 FCE HAD2001H – Strategic Vision and Planning for Health System Change
– 0.5 FCE HAD2012H – Learning Health Systems: Research Tools, Approaches and Lessons (Longitudinal course)
It is a co-requirement for HAD2040Y.
– 0.5 FCE HAD2013H – Fundamentals of Health Economics and Policy
– 0.5 FCE HAD2007H – Leading Health Systems Innovation and Transformation

2) 1.5 FCE Experiential Learning:
– 0.5 FCE HAD2030H – Systems Innovation Capstone Paper (continuation of capstone project) and
– 1.0 FCE HAD2040Y – Systems Innovation Capstone Project (continuation of capstone)

3) 1.5 FCE for approved elective courses in an area of specialization.
– Students can enroll in maximum one (0.5 FCE) non-IHPME/non-DLSPH elective.  Please consult with the Institute prior to enrolling in elective courses.

4) Students may elect to take up to 0.5 FCE on a Credit/No Credit basis.

​Program Length:
3 sessions full-time (typical registration sequence: S/F/W)
7 sessions part-time

Time Limit:
3 years full-time
6 years part-time