Katie N. Dainty

PhD (University of Toronto)
MSc (University of Western Ontario)
BA Hons (University of Western Ontario)

Research Interests

Dr. Dainty’s research interests are studying how organizational and sociocultural variables shape health care quality improvement and patient centred outcomes. Dr. Dainty’s work involves studying issues related to patient and family experience, organizational behaviour, implementation science, patient centred outcome measures and quality improvement in community health care environments. Her current research focuses on the use of qualitative and mixed methods research to critically interrogate held assumptions about behaviour and culture and their impact on how we measure quality and health outcomes.

Dr. Dainty is available to supervise Master’s degree candidates and extends a warm invitation to anyone interested in her work to contact her.

Current Major Research Projects

  • Developing a Patient Reported Outcome Measure for the Emergency Department
  • Understanding E.P.I.C.: A Qualitative Evaluation of the Expanding Paramedicine in the Community Initiative
  • The Quality Advantage: Exploring Quality Improvement in Ontario’s Community Support Sector
  • Understanding the role of Middle Management in Hospital Quality Improvement

Professional Interests

Dr. Dainty is a qualitative and mixed methods scientist and is the Research Chair in Patient Centred Outcomes at North York General Hospital. She graduated with her PhD from the University of Toronto in 2010 and in addition to her appointment at North York General Hospital, she is an Assistant Professor in the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation (IHPME) and an Associate Member of the School of Graduate Studies at University of Toronto. She brings an extensive background in both clinical and implementation research and has designed and evaluated several innovative projects, with an emphasis on health care quality, knowledge translation and health systems improvement.


Dr. Dainty is co-Chair of the Public Engagement Committee of the Canadian Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium and a member of the American Heart Association Subcommittee on Science. She was awarded the inaugural CIHR Rising Star Award for Knowledge Translation, a Young Investigator Award from the American Heart Association and has over 50 academic publications.

Thesis Committee (2011+)

  1. Albert Razvan Gheorghita. What is the Patient’s Experience of Pain after a Fragility Fracture (2016)