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At IHPME, we like to recognize the outstanding people who make whole our community of students, faculty and alumni. But beyond recognition, we like to celebrate all the ways they make healthcare better. Thank you to our generous donor communities who help make it possible.

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IHPME Faculty Awards

Eugenie Stuart Awards

IHPME Open Awards

Comparative Health Systems Award in Honour of Les Boehm

An award for students whose work is guided by the goal of comparative analysis.

Emerging Health Systems Leaders Award in Honour of Louise Lemieux-Charles (Chair 2002-2012)

2017 Winner – Lauren Bell
2015 Winner – Emily Musing

An award supported by the IHPME Alumni association (formerly the Society of Graduates) in honour of past Chair and Director, Louise Lemieux-Charles.

Kevin J. Leonard Award

2017 Winner – Quynh Pham
2016 Winner – Craig Thompson

An award for students who engage and empower patients through the use of technology to become partners in their own healthcare.

Health Equity and Social Justice Award in Honour of Diana Moeser

2017 Winner – Vinusha Gunasaleen
2016 Winner – Bonnie Cheuk

An award for students whose work is guided by the goal of health equity and social justice.

Esta Wall Award of Excellence in Gerontology

2017 Inaugural Winner – Natalie Warrick

An award for students who have provided outstanding leadership and made the most significant contributions in the field of geriatrics, gerontology or long-term care. This is a merit-based award.

Peggy Leatt Knowledge & Impact Award

2017 Winner – Chris Ham
2016 Inaugural Winner – G. Ross Baker

An award for healthcare scholars.

MSc & PhD Research Concentration Awards

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)

Recognizes academic excellence in graduate studies at the master's and doctoral levels.

Harry and Rose Perlstein Award

2017 Winner – Shaan Chugh
2016 Winner – Joseph Carson

An award for the best MSc QIPS paper to support quality and safety in long-term or post-acute care hospitals.

Thomas & Edna Naylor Memorial Award

2017 Winner – Romina Brignardello Petersen
2016 Winner – Carol Oliveira

An award for best paper based on thesis in Health Services and Health Care Research.

Ted Goldberg Award

2017 Winner – Mark Tatangelo
2016 Winner – Natasha Lane

Award for academic excellence and promise for doctoral candidates in Health Services Research.

Claire Bombardier Award

2017 Winner – Faraj Abdallah (MSc)
2017 Winner, Gold – Madhur Nayan (PhD)
2017 Winner, Platinum – Chris Wallis (PhD)
2016 Winner –  Michelle Scholzberg (MSc)
2016 Winner, Gold – Romina Brignardello (PhD)
2016 Winner, Platinum – Kate Nelson (PhD)

Most promising student in Clinical Epidemiology & Health Care Research concentration.

MHSc Health Administration Awards

Robert Wood Johnson Award

2017 Winner – Craig Thompson

The Robert Wood Johnson Award, established in 1956 by Johnson & Johnson Medical Products Inc., is exclusively for graduate students in health administration programs in Canada.

Harold Livergant Award

2017 Winner – Kimberly Chetwynd
2016 Winner – Jordanne Holland

Outstanding Year 1 student in the field of Complex Continuing Care Management and/or Policy.

Research Day Awards

Maureen Dixon Memorial Award

2017 Winner – Nicholas Howell
2016 Winner – Lauren Lapointe Shaw

  • Best oral presentation or poster related to Community Based, Consumer or Caregiver Group – $400 Open

Robert Duff Barron Award

2017 Winner – Carla Sorbara
2016 Winner – Denise Jaworsky

  • Best oral presentation or poster related to Public Health Policy or most closely related academic field – $500 Open
Open Oral Presentation Awards

2017 Best Oral Presentations - Award Topics & Winners
Poster Awards per Program
2017 Best Poster Award Winners

Alumni Awards

IHPME graduates are leaders in government, health care, academia and research – shaping our health care system through innovative and creative thinking and leadership.

IHPME Alumni (formerly the Society of Graduates) supports and celebrates this excellence through its Leadership, Innovation and Literary Awards. Presented annually, the awards recognize the accomplishments and contributions of IHPME Alumni.

2016 SOG Award Winners

SOG Past Award Winners

Leadership Awards (2)
Graduate Literary Awards (2)