Degree Requirements

Thesis Requirements:

The purpose of the dissertation is to undertake an original theory-driven investigation characterized by rigorous methodology and capable of making a significant contribution to knowledge about the subject under study. The dissertation supervisor must have their primary graduate appointment in the Institute of IHPME.

The dissertation process includes:

  • Preparation and oral defense of a dissertation proposal
  • Preparation of the written dissertation
  • Presentation and oral defense of the dissertation.

Program Requirements:

Students meet annually with their supervisor and the HPER Program Director to review their progress and to plan course work and other activities for the following year.

Course Requirements:

Students will be required to complete a minimum of ten (10) half-credit (0.5 FCE) courses (including a comprehensive examination).

Five (5) half-credit (0.5 FCE) courses will be core courses, four (4) half-credit (0.5FCE) courses will be electives and one (1) half-credit (0.5 FCE) will be the comprehensive course.

Required (2.5 FCE):

Students must pick 1 course (0.5 FCE) from:


Survey of Critical & Interpretive Social Science Theory for HPER

Students must pick 1 course (0.5 FCE) from:


Intermediate Critical & Interpretive Social Science Methods


The Examination: The Technology that Shapes What We Can Know, Do and Be

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Connect with HPER

HPER Program Director

Maria Mylopoulos
Phone Number: 416-340-3646
Email Address: maria.mylopoulos@​

Oversees management of the HPER Program

HPER Graduate Assistant/ Program Assistant

Cheryl Ku
Phone Number: 416-340-4219
Email Address: ihpme.hper@​

Coordinates HPER, including courses, admissions, defenses, graduation, and student records