Health Policy

Domain Knowledge

The future of Canada’s health systems depends on the choices Canadian citizens and their political representatives make today. IHPME researchers contribute to health policy and provide systems guidance by analyzing policy options, policy processes and policy impact, and the systems, structures and services that support improved individual and population health. Health Policy research and study investigate: the political, social and economic conditions that produce and distribute health across populations; examines the systems devoted to sustaining public health or financing, governing, regulating and delivering health services; and explores the processes through which health and related policies are generated, implemented and achieve their effects, as well as the outcomes of such policies.

Current Research Interests and Affiliations

Health policy research studies include:

  • The determinants and impact of health policy on care delivery and health, including in the home and community care sector
  • The role and impact of different ways of financing, funding or delivering care (including the public-private financing/delivery debate)
  • Comparative studies of health policy and systems across jurisdictions within Canada and internationally
  • The public health policies and systems that can promote wellness and prevent chronic or infectious disease, injury or environmental exposures
  • The health technology policies, and research and innovation systems, that can develop and disseminate valuable health products and services

IHPME is affiliated with Public Policy at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Toronto. The Institute supports the Collaborative Specialization in Public Health Policy, a cross-disciplinary program providing graduate students with exemplary training in public health policy.

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