Health Technology Assessment

Domain Knowledge

The profusion of new drugs and health technologies poses a significant challenge to health care decision-makers who must contain costs while maintaining access. Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is an interdisciplinary field that advances and applies theories, concepts and methods in order to understand and assess the development, implementation, diffusion and obsolescence of technologies, techniques, regulations and programs for the promotion of individual and population health.

HTA is a research-based, applied assessment of relevant available scientific evidence and patient perspectives, applied to technology related to health and disease (Danish Institute for HTA, 2001).

HTA is related to research due to its methods, but is also related to planning, administration, and management due to its focus on decision-making. HTA can thus be seen as a bridge between a science paradigm and a policy paradigm (Battista & Hodge 1995). Applied HTA takes as its starting point the needs of decision-makers (and their policy advisers) for an evidence informed process for deciding whether or not to adopt and fund health technology and to what extent.

Current Research Interests and Affiliations

The Institute’s research expertise in this growing area is reflected in its leadership role in programs such as the Centre for Excellence in Economic Analysis Research (CLEAR), the Public Health Economics Team, the Technology Assessment at SickKids (TASK), and the Toronto Health Economics and Technology (THETA) Collaborative.