Degree Requirements


MHI is a 16-month program (four consecutive sessions) that requires the completion of 10.0 full course equivalents (FCE). The program is broken up into 7.5 FCE of required coursework, 0.5 FCE of elective course work and a 4-month full-time (600 hour) practicum or field placement that is worth 2 FCE.

The program begins with the introduction to theoretical and foundational knowledge of Health Informatics (HI) domains. It then builds on the knowledge and skills present through broad survey and experiential-based courses to expand the theoretical and practical knowledge in key areas within the discipline. Students then participate in a 4-month applied learning opportunity through practicum placements within a public or private healthcare organization. Finally, students will be a part of advanced seminars and an elective course that reflects diverse interests, strengths, and current market demand.

Course Requirements:

Note: These degree requirements were updated in June 2022. Contact the program assistant for historical degree requirements.

Students must complete 7.5 FCEs as follows:


Information and Communication Technology for Health Care


Emergent Topics in Health Informatics: Intelligent Medicine, Machine Learning and Knowledge Representation


Emerging Applications in Consumer, Public and Global Health Informatics


Advanced Topics in Health Informatics (Strategic Frameworks for Solution Architecture)


Performance Measurements in Health Care: Theory and Application

Project Practicum (2.0 FCE equivalent):

Students must pick 1 course (0.5 FCE) from the following:


Advanced Topics in Data Governance in Health Informatics

Students can opt to take elective courses offered through IHPME, or elsewhere within the University, with express permission from the program director and the respective instructors. Work with the Program Assistant to ensure the Add/Drop form is completed correctly.

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MHI Program Director

Karim Keshavjee
Email Address: karim.keshavjee@​

Oversees management of the MHI Program

Graduate Administrator

Zoe Downie-Ross
Phone Number: (416) 946-3486
Email Address: ihpme.grad.admin@​

Coordinates student records, graduate funding, and student-related awards.

Graduate Admissions

Christina Lopez
Email Address: ihpme.admissions@​

Manages admissions and responds to all related inquiries.

Graduate Assistant

Nadia Ismail
Phone Number: (416) 946-4100
Email Address: ihpme.grad.assist@​

Coordinates various graduate initiatives including defences, student events, and graduation.

MHI Program Assistant

Aileen O’Dowd
Email Address: ihpme.mhi.program@​

Manages the MHI courses including enrolment, grades, and access to Quercus. For admissions inquiries contact

Graduate Placements

Christina Lopez
Phone Number: (416) 978-1108
Email Address: ihpme.placements@​

Coordinates details involving student placement and experiential learning