Course Descriptions – MHSc/MSW

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Institute for Life Course and Aging – Course Descriptions
AGE2000H Principles of Aging


Faculty of Social Work – MSW/PhD Course Descriptions
SWK4102H Social Welfare in the Canadian Contex
SWK4103H Elements of Social Work Practice
SWK4105H Social Work Practice Laboratory
SWK4107H Foundations of Social Work: Knowledge, Theory and Values that Inform Practice
SWK4304H Globalization and Trans-nationalization: Social Work Responses Locally and Globally
SWK4306H Process of Social Exclusion, Marginalization and Resistance
SWK4412H The Context of Mental Health and Health Practice
SWK4510H Research for Evidence-Based Social Work Practice
SWK4511H Practice Based Research in Mental Health and Health
SWK4512H Creating Knowledge to Inform Critical Practice
SWK4513H Knowledge Building in Social Work
SWK4514H Research for Practice with Children and their Families
SWK4602H Social Work Practice with Groups
SWK4604H Mental Health Policy and Practice
SWK4605H Social Work Practice with Individuals and Families
SWK4606H Diversity, Access and Equity in Social Work Practice
SWK4608H Social Work Practice with Families
SWK4618H Special Issues in Gerontological Social Work
SWK4612Y Social Work and Aging: Integrated Policy and Practice (full course)
SWK4620H Social Work Practice with Children and Adolescents
SWK4622H Social Work Practice in Health
SWK4625H Contemporary Issues in Working with Children and their Families
SWK4654H Social Work Practice with Organizations & Communities
SWK4701H Social Work Practicum I
SWK4702Y Social Work Practicum II


HAD5711H: Theory and Practice of Strategic Planning and Management in Health Services Organizations
HAD5713H: Introduction to Health Information Systems
HAD5721H: Strategic Management of Quality and Organizational Behaviour in Health Services Organizations
HAD5723H: Health Services Accounting
HAD5725H: Health Economics
HAD5731H: Translating Leadership into Practice Part I
HAD5733H: Health Services Finance
HAD5741H: Health Law and Ethics
HAD5761H: Management Information Systems in Health Care
HAD5769H: Human Resources Management and Labour Relations in the Health Field
HAD5770H: Program Planning and Evaluation